Friday, April 24, 2009

Kiln is in the house....

ok, well the kiln is not literally "in" the house, but it is finally back and we are hopefully going to get it set up this weekend so that I can go crazy and create finally! It turns out that the actual control panel was bad it, so with that replaced all should be in good working order...and then I can actually blog about things more often...imagine that!


Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year's Resolution

So it is about time to update. So I thought I would start off with excuses for not updating more recently:
1)With my father's estate driving me crazy-trying to sell his house in this economy is horrible! So I have had to take on a renter.
2)I got depressed and very I joined a weight loss "Biggest Loser" in our town. I am in the top three...almost lost 25 lbs so far...two weeks to go...can I be the biggest loser?
3)Have an almost three year old that is very time consuming...but awesome!
4)Have a very ailing grandmother that we continually expect "the call" any day (but has been this way for a year now)
5)I am lazy!

Ok, now that I have given all of my excuses for not getting my butt in gear, I hearby resolve that I will update here more regularly. I have my kiln torn apart and parts are ready to send to FL. Tony will be sending the parts to be checked and fixed this week, so I am hopeful that as soon as my kiln (which hasn't been a priority) gets back in working order I can get to it and show off a lot of goodies! I am seriously missing it and needing to take the time out for myself to do it!

So there you have it...I will be better, I promise. Oh, and Happy Birthday Tony!!!

PS Hello Patricia, Linda Lee, and Lori...I know you guys check me out to see if I have updated. Miss you all!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

kiln blues

So I have an awesome kiln, but unfortunately it wont heat appears that it has sat too long not in use...go figure. I called the manufacturer today and they rock (I would recommend Jen-Ken Kilns as there customer service has impressed me). I even was given their main man's personal cell phone so that when I get home I can reprogram the kiln with cool is that. So no new stuff yet, but as soon as I get this bad girl fired up there will be pieces galore! let the hazing ensue...I promise I have been working on it...hopefully by this weekend there will be greatness abound!

Monday, August 25, 2008

I Know, I know!!!

Ok, I know I have been a pain in everyone's rear...I have some great pieces, but I just couldn't get the pictures right to do the pieces justice. So I have the materials and am in the process of building a picture box to help me take pictures that will do these pieces justice. I have my "studio" space set up (thanks to Tony) and we have an electrician coming on Friday so that I will have more lighting and more outlets for my creativity!!! I PROMISE that as soon as I get good pictures I will post! I love the pieces I have so far and must say that I have received great feedback from the pieces that I have sent out to friends.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Supplies, Supplies, Glorious supplies!

Wooo hooo!!! I just received a HUGE supply and equipment shipment and now I have just about everything (and more) that I need to get going...the glass that I received is simply amazing and will make such awesome pieces!!! I also have a big PMC class on Saturday which I am looking forward to. Tony just purchased a big countertop and is going to create and actual studio space for me when he returns from being up north dealing with some unpleasant family business. Then watch out here will come the pieces! Can't wait to play more with the glass! it will be great therapy!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

getting back at it.

Sorry to those of you that have been checking back frequently only to find nothing. We have had serious flooding here...our house is safe...but nastiness ensued. I also took a graduate class two weeks ago and last week I had Jury duty...interesting story, we got dismissed at the last minute fron jury duty as the case I was supposed to be a part of plead out at the last minute. It turns out that at that night on the news there was a story about a big murder case that a guy had just met a plea agreement...that could have been an interesting case...but long so I was relieved that the whole summer wasn't dedicated to that. I also had a super big interview on Thursday...trying for a new job-Dean of Students...I heard through the grapevine that I am one of the top candidates...we shall see.

As far as jewelry making, I need to post pictures..if the sun is shining tomorrow I will take some pictures outside as that tends to me the best lighting for them... I do have some fun fused pendants that I would like to put on etsy, and a few beads that I was quite proud of. I just ordered a few catalogs and I will be ordering a ring saw and grinder and loads of glass and dicro to get serious about fusing and getting a nice inventory up and going.

Thanks for checking in and I will do what i can to post much more frequently!

Thursday, May 1, 2008


I just picked up some fun pendants that I had fused in a class that I took earlier this week. I learned a lot from the results and look forward to my next class. I will post some picts when I get a chance. I find that I really enjoy freeform and fun!